about us

As graphic designers – we have over twenty years’ experience in design and photography, within the construction industry. That means we can make sure the photography suits the clients needs, and the final media used. Whether that’s a high end internal photo shoot with lighting, or maybe just a stock photo, sometimes the solution can be that simple. We will help you tailor your photography to match the requirements of each project. Interior photography will need a different approach, and may have special requirements, as opposed to external shots, for example. Further, many sites may be best shot early in the morning, when the sun is in the right position, or when local traffic is light.

Other shots – often of high-end residential projects – can be dramatic and very effective, if shot late evening with the building lit from inside, for example. We can advise on all of this and work with you to get the very best photography from each individual project. Once we’ve agreed how we’re going to photograph your project, we’ll then go out to capture the right pictures for you. If that means starting at 6am in the morning – or at 9am at night – we’ll do it. That may also mean having to wait for the right weather and for the sun – but that’s all part of the game! As designers, if you also require a new website, brochure or other marketing material, we can help you produce very effective designs at competitive rates. Click here to visit our main site