photography for construction

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    Sphere having been working with construction industry clients for over 20 years, designing everything from corporate identities to web sites. An important issue has always been the availability of good photography. An image that would be OK for a case study, might not be good enough for the front cover of a brochure. With the onset of web site's, you don't just need a few images, you needed a whole portfolio. Also only a few years ago, you could get away with fairly small image being shown on small screens. Now its full screen on everything from an Iphone to a 24" computer monitor.

    The cost of a specialist photography can be prohibitive, and with that in mind we wanted to offer our clients something creative and technically better than than a quick snap, but isn't quickly going to run into thousands of pounds.

    We are happy just to supply photography, but if you require any other design services, from a new logo to a full blown web site, take a look at our main site, by clicking HERE